Loan Options

Rate Match

Provide documentation of a lower Rate, as low as 1.00%, and Energize will match it.
Subject to approval and documentation within 90 days of request.
Applies to New (need Loan Statement copy) and Existing Loans, not for Dealer 0% offers.

Payment Skip

Use Loan Skip Request to request a Loan Payment Skip, charge of $20 per Skip. You may Skip up to 2 Payments in a 12 Month period.  The Skipped Payments are added to the end of the Loan Term.

Loan Skip Request

Online Loan Payment

Make a Loan Payment by Credit Card.

Payment Form

Credit Disability Insurance

1 in 4 twenty year olds will be disabled before age 67.
Optional Credit Disability Insurance can help make your Loan Payments while you're Disabled.  Start or Stop coverage at any time.  Premiums are added to the Loan each Mth.

Credit Disability Insurance

GAP Insurance

How GAP Works
Loan Payoff $15,000
Insurance Settlement Check $-11,500
GAP Difference $3,500
GAP Insurance Payment $3,500

If your vehicle is totaled and you owe more than it’s worth, this coverage helps ensure you receive enough to pay off the loan.

GAP coverage could save you thousands of dollars and costs only pennies a day. Our $250 price is guaranteed lowest you will find.

The Energize GAP Plus also includes $1,000 to cover your insurance deductible. Ask us for more details at (405) 478-0046 or click here.