Bonus Dividend Announced

Energize CU is pleased to announce its members will earn an extra 20 Basis Points in Dividends for the month of December.

The Board of Directors declared a Bonus Dividend of .20% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) in addition to the stated Quarterly Dividend of 0.90% APY. Members will earn a total of 1.10% APY for the month of December.

“The Bonus Dividend is paid as a result of our excellent financial performance in 2019,” said Manager Jason Boesch. “The Board of Directors wishes to thank the Credit Union members for their continued support and recognize their loyalty through this special dividend.”

The Bonus Dividend demonstrates our commitment to the not-for-profit cooperative spirit. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to join together in building Energize Credit Union to serve the Electric & Telephone Cooperative system in Oklahoma. Best wishes for a joyous Christmas season and prosperous New Year!

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