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Members Save Money!

ENERGIZE CREDIT UNION Members expect a good deal from their Credit Union. Credit Union National Association ( analysis found Energize Members saved $537,021 compared to Oklahoma Banks, due to better Rates and less Fees.  With the current economic climate, Energize Members know they can trust and rely on their Credit Union to give them financial value.

CUNA Report 2020 Energize
Loan Rate vs. Banks +$396,984
Deposit Yield vs. Banks +$112,325
Lower Fees +$27,713
Total +$537,022

Energize operates efficiently and maintains low overhead for the benefit of member-owners.  Compare these operational ratios to the average peer Credit Union ( in 2020:

Operational Ratio ECU Avg CU
Avg Loan Rate Charged 4.5% 5.44%
Avg Dep Rate Paid .95% .34%
Fees / Assets .14% .54%
Op Exp / Assets 2.62% 2.72%
Dlq Loans .43 .82
Loan to Assets 79.97% 47.91%

Founded in 1967 as a member-owned financial cooperative, Energize serves over 3,400 Members at Rural Electric and Telephone Cooperatives of Oklahoma.