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What is a Signature Loan?

Signature loans are unsecured personal loans that don’t require you to put down collateral when you apply. It’s called a signature loan because it’s secured by your signature instead of collateral, like a car or an investment account.

Signature loans are a great way to help pay for a family vacation, buy new furniture, make home improvements, or pay for unexpected daily expenses. They can also be a great way to establish credit.

ECU’s signature loans come with an interest rate as low as 10% with up to $3,500 available for financing for 36 months.

A feature unique to ECU signature loans is anytime during the term of the loan, additional amounts may be borrowed and added to the outstanding balance. Providing, the loan balance is $200 below the maximum loan limit of $3,500.

If you are interested in learning more about our signature loans speak with your local credit union director or contact Energize directly at 405-478-0046 or

Base Rates (As Low As) subject to change and adjustment for Credit Score. Loans subject to approval.
*100% of MSRP/NADA/Kelley/Appraisal. *APR = Annual Percentage Rate