Certificate of Deposit (CD)

  • Terms from 6 to 36 Months.
  • Low minimum deposit of $1,000.
  • Earn competitive Rates on a Certificates of Deposit.
  • Fully Insured by NCUSIF (see Dep Insurance Page).
  • Dividend rate guaranteed throughout the term.
  • Maximum return with Dividends compounded and posted Quarterly.
  • At end of term, you will receive a maturity notice with 10-day grace period.
  • New Deposit Policy limits to $100,000. 
CD Jumbo & Rate Match
CD Jumbo Bonus +5 Basis Points over $50,000 or
+10 Basis Points over $100,000
CD Rate Match Match Competitor Rate up to 25 Basis Points

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Sock it away in your IRA

Traditional and Roth accounts are available for your future saving goals and insured to $250,000 by the NCUA. IRA contributions may be tax deductible or tax deferred (ask your Tax Advisor for information). Tax-deferred Dividends paid Quarterly. Contribution Limit for 2020/2021 is $6,000. If within the tax year you will be age 50 or older you can contribute an additional $1,000.

Click links to learn more about Traditional or Roth IRAs.  New Deposit Policy limits to $100,000.

IRA Comparison
  Traditional Roth
Deductible Contributions? Yes No
Tax Deferred Earnings? Yes Not after Age 59 1/2
Early Withdraw Penalty? Yes, 10% prior to 59 1/2 No
Contributions Age Limited? Yes, at 72 No
Withdrawal Requirement? Yes, at 72 No

IRA can help you save for retirement:

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Move Retirement Savings without losing tax benefits:

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Is it time to cash in on your retirement savings:

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Understanding your beneficiary distribution options:

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