Vehicle Financing

When you buy an American made vehicle, you're investing in America. If you're looking to purchase a new vehicle, we have partnered with to bring our members exclusive discounts on new GM® and Chrysler® vehicles. Depending upon which vehicle you choose, you could save up to thousands of dollars on a brand new car or truck! Each Dealership will assess eligibility and grant the applicable discount. Copy of Member Qtr Statement is commonly used to verify Credit Union status. Discounts vary based on time of year and type of vehicle. To find out more, head over to for details!

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The Dealer Said I Qualified for the 0% Interest Rate

Take a long look at how much you'll be financing. Often you can save more money by taking the cash incentives the dealer offers. When you finance your new vehicle through Energize, you'll be saving even more with our low loan rates!  

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We can pull an NADA report for you at no charge.


We can pull a CarFax report for a $20 Fee.